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Things You Should Keep in Mind for An Outdoor Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Pre wedding photoshoot is best carried out at outdoor venues. Couples during pre wedding shoots try to portray their best shot which involves best positions, best dresses, and best pose. Outdoor provides the best environment for it as you can go anywhere without any restrictions, unlike indoor where there are many restrictions like room size, boundaries, etc.

There are several things that couples must keep in mind while deciding on an outdoor venue or indoor for that matter. We will discuss all of this later on, but our main focus is an outdoor pre wedding shoot so let’s stick with it only.

1) Weather Conditions

Couples often end up carrying out their shoot even when weather conditions are foggy or cloudy or windy or rainy. They cannot see the best potential for their best shot under these conditions, so they should avoid it by all means. This is important because the weather can drastically affect makeup, hair, dress, etc.

2) Time of Day

Please choose the best time during the day for the best lighting effects you will get in the evening or at night, but try avoiding harsh sunlight during noon as it might result in post production issues. Therefore, it’s best to keep pre wedding shoots within morning and evening hours.

3) Determine Best Quality Time

Early morning and late evening provide the best possible environment for capturing the best pictures with the right color tone and natural white balance that we get in the early morning or late evening. So depending upon your best quality time, you can finalize the best suitable day.

4) Avoid Rainy Days

During rainy days best shots are not possible because rain is best suited for mood based shoots and the best available option in such conditions is to reschedule it. It’s best to keep weather conditions in mind before planning a pre wedding photoshoot!

5) Availability of Insurance Cover & Other Services Like Hair Styling, Makeup, etc.

Insurance cover is necessary when you opt for an outdoor venue because even a small branch of a tree may fall on your head, or any other natural calamity may spoil your shoot, so it’s best to have all this covered by insurance policy. You can either carry out your insurance with a policy provider, or the best option is to avail yourself of services from the best insurance providers who provide the best covers with the best rates.

6) Availability of Seating Facility Under a Shade or Umbrella

You can capture the best pictures with the best poses and best dresses during the outdoor pre wedding shoot. Still, the real fun is watching such pictures afterward (after post production), so it’s best to keep everything ready beforehand, including a sitting facility under shade for makeup, hair styling, etc. For this, you need a proper seating arrangement with umbrella and water facilities like a bottle and jug, etc. otherwise, you will end up with blowing wind ruining your entire photoshoot and also standing (without sitting) through it. Umbrellas provide the perfect facility for shooting as well as a comfort zone for pre wedded couples!

7) Avoid Harsh Sunlight During Shoot

Couples feel best in sunlight and the best environment for shooting. Still, the presence of harsh sunlight is best avoided whether it’s morning or evening because this will make images captured best suitable for silhouettes only. Couples must be present in the shade at such times because sun rays often affect the best photoshoot. These conditions sometimes also pose a problem to makeup artists and hairstylists.

8) Stay Ready With Best Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Couples need to stay properly dressed during photoshoots to get the best shots during the outdoor pre wedding shoot and not spoil the chances with compromising dresses, shoes, and accessories. They should remember that walking around trees and bushes may create the best poses, but the best clothes and accessories should be ready beforehand to avoid post production hassles.

9) Camera / Lens Ready

Best lenses are best suitable for capturing the best shots during the pre wedding shoot, but the best camera should also be kept ready with all settings as per the requirement of your photographer so that you can get those best moments captured from the best angles. It would help if you informed your photographer beforehand about what lens and settings you would have on the eve of pre wedding photoshoot.

10) Lighting Effects & Settings

The photoshoot is incomplete without the best lighting effects. These come into play when we go outdoors, especially for couples getting their photos shot during early morning and late evening hours only; therefore, it’s best to keep things ready. These best lighting and settings come into play when we talk about the best pose and best shots, so the best is to keep these ready beforehand rather than fixing them at the last moment.

11) Set Expectations With Your Photographer Before the Day of Shoot

Do a pre wedding shoot after finalizing your pre wedding dress, best makeup, accessories, etc., as per the requirement of the photoshoot because pre wedding couples should know beforehand what is being asked from them during pre wedding shoot so that they can manage everything accordingly as per need. Teams must set pre wedding shoot expectations with their photographers before the day of the actual shoot so that no headache remains at the last moment. It’s best to have a look at pre wedding shots of other couples so that you don’t land up with the same shots as others.

12) Be Ready With Best Pose Ideas for Pre Wedding Shoot

The best pre wedding shoot depends on the best pre wedding pose ideas. Couples should manage pre wedding dress, best makeup, etc., as per pre wedding couple’s personality so that the best poses can be achieved during pre wedding shoot, which is a lot different from saying that pre med couples have to follow instructions of their photographers blindly! They must bring out their creativity in the best pose ideas and help their photographers achieve desired results. This will save lots of time and energy otherwise spent on shooting those extra hundred frames, so it’s better to have a pre wedding photoshoot done with proper planning.


Wedding photoshoot is incomplete without a pre wedding shoot checklist. Couples must know pre wedding shoot requirements beforehand like makeup, dress, best poses, etc., not only for pre wedded couples but also for a pre wedding photographer to get pre wedded couple ready accordingly because it’s pre married couple who is on primary focus during the photoshoot and everything comes secondary (including pre wedding photographer) at pre wedding shoot, therefore, pre wedded couples must come pre prepared with all things. They should be ready with pre wedding photoshoot expectations, too, before the day of the actual shoot.

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