Pallavi and Rahul randomly met each other in Chicago on an official tour and liked each other at the very first sight. After their first meeting, they found out more about each other and started talking and meeting with each other in all the days left in their tour. On the last day in Chicago Rahul expressed his likings for Pallavi and came to know that she felt the same for him, so they both decided to marry.

After returning back to India they introduced them to their families and finalized their wedding date. Both of them were Parsi, so their wedding took place in a Hindu temple with all the rituals. Rahul was wearing a white traditional dress and Pallavi too was dressed in their traditional look which increased the beauty of the wedding. Then in front of the sacred fire, they completed all the rituals of their marriage which were perfectly captured by the candid wedding photographers. After all the ceremonies the couple took blessings from all the people present in their wedding and started a new happy life.