Rekha got a new job in Mumbai and she shifted there but being new to the place it became quite difficult for her to make all the arrangements on her own. While she was shifting luggage she met Chintan who helped her in carrying the luggage to her house. With this meet, their interaction began which converted to daily greetings and then casual meetings in the church, parks, restaurants, and various other places. They both started talking to each other and came close and then Chintan expressed his love for Rekha in front of her parents and both Rekha and her parents agreed to their marriage.

The couple was very excited about their wedding and asked the candid photographers to take the best shots of the people and the wedding too. Their wedding took place at the temple and both of them tied knots for their entire life and all these ceremonies were perfectly captured by the best photographer. All the snaps, and also the functions and arrangements were like by the guests, and then the guests departed by showering blessing on the newly-wed couple.