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We capture your happy moments, for you to adore it forever. Looking at pictures you will dive straight into a river full of memories, that will make you remember all the stories behind that one picture. It’s always about the little things in life that make you happy and we are here to bring that piece of happiness to you. We are here to capture and deliver those moments filled with joy, laughter and happiness with our team of best candid wedding photographers. We at Knottytales have got you all covered, from pre-wedding photography to candid wedding photography, and else everything you want us to do. We will be delighted to make your experience worth remembering, after all wedding is once in a lifetime thing!

Wedding Photography is something more than just being your wedding photographer, and we are the ones who will be by your side throughout this journey of love. It’s about friendship, trust, and faith, plus a little bit of creativity to give you what you want. Wedding Photography is not about capturing photos; but it’s all about telling stories through your images. We at Knottytales understand that there is no more significant moment in life than saying ‘YES’ to that one person who means the world to you. So why let go of those happy moments? Don’t worry! Our best candid wedding photographers team is here to tell those beautiful stories for generations to admire forever!

Professional Wedding Photography Services

Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography is quite a trend these days. It is the best way to capture moments with your love ones, with no family or friends around to interrupt. It’s not just about photographs, one can tell their stories about how they met each other on the first date and continued their journey of love. It helps both you and our team to understand and get to know your choices even better. Compatibility of course serve as a benefit to you guys too.

A pre wedding shoot makes you comfortable or rather prepares you and helps you improveyour body language in front of the camera.

Candid Wedding Photography

Talking about latest trends, you have seen pictures from Ranveer-Deepika wedding, Virat-Anushka wedding and even Nick and Priyanka’s wedding, it’s all about candids they got clicked during their wedding. To be honest candid clicks look more realistic, momentary, pure and unadulterated with the tears of happiness and joy.

A candid wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can. A candid wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can.

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Let Us Capture Your Beautiful Wedding Story!

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Why Knottytales?

Knottytales is a team of best photographers in Delhi NCR that captures memories of your most precious moments and preserves them for you to cherish forever. Knottytales specializes in weddings, engagements, family portraits, and other events.

We believe life should be celebrated with joyfulness – so we work hard to create images that will bring back the happy feelings from those special occasions. We hope you enjoy our little corner of the internet as much as we love creating it!

When you look at a picture, you will most likely remind moments of the day when it was captured. That’s what we are all about. Capturing moments of your happiness that you will cherish tomorrow. We curate a team of best professional wedding photographers, pre-wedding photographers and best candid photographers to make you reminisce stories just by looking at the photograph. We keep up with the latest photography trends and carry the latest wedding photography equipment.

Your day is special to you and we wish to make it memorable by documenting and creating an album of not just pictures but memories.

Best Wedding Photography Services & Packages

Indian weddings are usually not a one-day event. The excitement and vibrancy of Indian traditions bring certain factors that affect the actual cost of a wedding photography package varying from person to person. At Knottytales, we begin by understanding our client’s requirements including – the number of days/events, working hours, style of photography and videography required, etc. to determine the cost.  

For anyone who is planning to tie the knot, one of the most crucial aspects in preparation is to make sure you have a photographer to capture all your special moments. From candid shots that capture the essence of your celebrations down to even the smallest details, a candid wedding photographer will surely give you memories that last a lifetime.

If you are looking for wedding photography services here in Delhi NCR, We at Knottytales offer complete wedding coverage. Our team of professionals is well versed in all types of weddings, from traditional North Indian ceremonies to elopements and destination weddings. We have been documenting wedding celebrations across Delhi NCR for years now, so rest assured that we know exactly what you need.

We have designed an exclusive range of wedding photography packages tailor-made to suit your diverse needs. Please choose the one that fits your requirements perfectly and suits your budget and get in touch with us to make a booking today!

A Wedding Photographer Would Normally Cover 7 Major Events During a Wedding Day:

  • Roka/Engagement/Ring Ceremony – The ring symbolizes a bond of love and commitment. Ring ceremony is a beginning of a new love story and new experiences. We will make sure to capture and deliver those moments of love to you, wrapped with nothing but happiness and stillness.
  • Haldi Well- timed pictures is all you need for a haldi ceremony. We deliver snapshots just as bright and vibrant as ‘HALDI’. Putting on haldi to bride/groom is all you need to think about. For the rest of it, we are here to make sure that the clicks are as perfect as you, on your special day.
  • Getting ready shots – the time before the groom and bride take their first steps into their new life together as husband and wife can be a wonderful photo opportunity. It’s a time when everyone looks their best as they’re decked out in bridal finery and made-up by hair stylists. This also includes documentation of the bride’s henna ceremony, which is an essential part of any Indian wedding.
  • The mehndi ceremony – at this event, the eyes of every guest are focused on the bride and groom as they get ready to perform traditional rituals that will be followed by their families. It’s very important to document every minute detail so that these memories can be savoured for years to come. As our team captures all the events leading up to the wedding, we take exceptional care in ensuring that all photos turn out perfectly.
  • The sangeet celebration – aside from taking great pictures during this popular North India tradition, our experts will also capture candid shots of guests enjoying themselves with dance performances and games throughout the night.
  • The wedding – from the decor to the guests, every element of a wedding is important for us to document as we stay with bride and groom as they say their vows in front of family and friends. There are no limits as to what our team can capture on camera during this event.
  • Reception – once the couple leaves for their honeymoon, it’s time for everyone else to celebrate! We make sure your reception party goes smoothly by providing a reliable photographer who knows how to properly take photos even amid loud music and dancing. Our priority is ensuring that all guests have an enjoyable evening when they see themselves in our candid shots.

We also offer a range of professional photo editing services, including photo montages and personalized prints.

As your preferred vendor for North Indian wedding photography in Delhi NCR, we have all the right equipment to capture every moment from beginning to end. We’re more than just a team of experts – we’re lifelong members of your community who will enthusiastically document your special day as if it were our own.