Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR

We capture your happy moments, for you to adore it forever. Looking at pictures you will dive straight into a river full of memories, that will make you remember all the stories behind that one picture. It’s always about the little things in life that make you happy and we are here to bring that piece of happiness to you. We are here to capture and deliver those moments filled with joy, laughter and happiness with our team of best candid wedding photographers. We at Knottytales have got you all covered, from pre-wedding photography to candid wedding photography, and else everything you want us to do. We will be delighted to make your experience worth remembering, after all wedding is once in a lifetime thing!

Capturing Moments through Candid Wedding Photography,
You will Cherish a Lifetime…

Best Candid Wedding photography that will take you to a world of memories, We are here to make it happen for you.

Professional Wedding Photography Services

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Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre wedding photography is quite a trend these days. It is the best way to capture moments with your love ones, with no family or friends around to interrupt. It’s not just about photographs, one can tell their stories about how they met each other on the first date and continued their journey of love. It helps both you and our team to understand and get to know your choices even better. Compatibility of course serve as a benefit to you guys too.

A pre wedding shoot makes you comfortable or rather prepares you and helps you improveyour body language in front of the camera.

Candid Wedding Photography

Talking about latest trends, you have seen pictures from Ranveer-Deepika wedding, Virat-Anushka wedding and even Nick and Priyanka’s wedding, it’s all about candids they got clicked during their wedding. To be honest candid clicks look more realistic, momentary, pure and unadulterated with the tears of happiness and joy.

A candid wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can. A candid wedding photographer can capture these emotions in a manner no one else can.

wedding photographers in delhi

Wedding Films

Love Stories

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Why Knottytales?

When you look at a picture, you will most likely remind moments of the day when it was captured. That’s what we are all about. Capturing moments of your happiness that you will cherish tomorrow. We curate a team of best professional wedding photographers, pre-wedding photographers and best candid photographers to make you reminisce stories just by looking at the photograph. We keep up with the latest photography trends and carry the latest wedding photography equipment.

Your day is special to you and we wish to make it memorable by documenting and creating an album of not just pictures but memories.

Best Wedding Photography Packages

Indian weddings are usually not a one-day event. The excitement and vibrancy of Indian traditions bring certain factors that affect the actual cost of a wedding photography package varying from person to person. At Knottytales, we begin by understanding our client’s requirements including – the number of days/events, working hours, style of photography and videography required, etc. to determine the cost.  

We have designed an exclusive range of wedding photography packages tailor-made to suit your diverse needs. Please choose the one that fits your requirements perfectly and suits your budget and get in touch with us to make a booking today!

We Cover Everything Including

1. Roka/Engagement/Ring Ceremony

The ring symbolizes a bond of love and commitment. Ring ceremony is a beginning of a new love story and new experiences. We will make sure to capture and deliver those moments of love to you, wrapped with nothing but happiness and stillness.

2. Haldi

Well- timed pictures is all you need for a haldi ceremony. We deliver snapshots just as bright and vibrant as ‘HALDI’. Putting on haldi to bride/groom is all you need to think about. For the rest of it, we are here to make sure that the clicks are as perfect as you, on your special day.

3. Mehndi

A traditional Indian ritual followed in Indian weddings is mehndi ceremony. Mehndi depicts growth, harmony and freshness. Just like the aroma of mehndi, we will make your ceremony worthy of everything. Pictures filled with beautiful mehndi and everyone munching snacks is what you will love to glare at! 

4. Sangeet

A ceremony full of fun, laughter, dance and food is what sangeet is all about. Don’t worry we won’t forget to capture your friends and families grooving on songs and having fun. Leave all the work and captures to us, just enjoy your moves while dancing!

5. Wedding

The day, that is most awaited by every couple is the day when they finally get married and are called as husband and wife since then. Your idea of having a dream wedding will successfully take a turn into reality with our best professional wedding photographers. You just have to chill and have fun.

6. Reception

A wedding reception ceremony is a event which usually organised after a marriage ceremony, especially to welcome the bride in grooms family, hence the name reception. In some cultures, there are many wedding ceremonies are held for the bride’s and groom’s families. The bride and groom attend the reception function for the first time as a married couple with the family and friends. Hosts provide their choice of food and drink, followed by reception cake cutting ceremony.

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