As the cultural beliefs of many Indians, people believe that all relationships are meant to be made in heaven and we meet the right person for our life when destiny wants us to meet them. Similar were the beliefs of Sanjay and Pooja and they both wanted their parents to find a perfect match for them, so their parents were constantly trying to talk to a matchmaker and find a perfect partner for them.

Fortunately, they met each other through a matchmaker and liked them. after being introduced by the matchmaker sanjay and pooja started talking and asked their life story and all the other queries that they wanted to now abot their future partner, then they met each other many times and finally when they cleared all their doubts regarding their behaviour and personality they decided to get married to each other in a very grand wedding. Their parents were so happy to see their children getting married and made all the arrangements in a very good way.

There were many functions like the Haldi, mehndi, engagement, bidai, pooja, etc that were very beautifully captured by the candid photography. Also, pooja was wearing a very beautiful lehnga and was looking very pretty and the photographers also captured her beautifully. Their wedding was a very perfect marriage and everyone present there enjoyed it to the fullest.