Our Packages

A wedding photographer is someone known to capture the blissful moments of your special day. You would want to pick the best wedding photographer to capture all the gorgeousness for that day and at a price that would be suitable for you. After all what is the point in paying a higher price, when you can get everything you want at an affordable price.

Cost of Wedding Packages:

Basically, cost of wedding packages depends on various factors according to the client’s requirements. Few of which are-

  • The number of events 
  • The number of days.
  • The number of working hours.
  • The number of team members.
  • The location (city) of the wedding event.
  • The number of wedding assignments that one gets or takes in a year.
  • Kind of lens and camera equipment that one invests.
  • Other backend expenses like marketing, advertising, rent, editing software etc.

Packages we Offer to Our Clients.

Basic Package

It includes all the basic things such as wedding photography, videography, few edited images and videos.

Wedding photographers cover all the important ceremonies. It depends on time period of events for videography and photography coverage, generally which is 5-9 hours.

Add-on Packages

This includes:

  • Pre wedding photography: A pre-wedding shoot has now become more of a prerequisite for all weddings among millennial couples. It takes a lot of effort into planning and executing a dreamy and perfect pre-wedding shoot. 
  • Wedding teaser and album: Glimpses of precious wedding moments from real weddings that can cast a romantic glow of love during ceremonies and new beginnings!