Both them met at an interview for cabin crew. Daisy was awestruck by Sean in the first meet itself, but on the other hand, he was sure that might be he would not meet her again. Interviews went on for a month or so, but Daisy and Sean did not meet again. Finally, it was the day of joining, and Daisy almost forgot about Sean. But fate had something else in the store.

On the first day of training, Daisy saw Sean just in front of her, smiling at him. They became friends, good friends and finally a couple. When the wedding was announced, the first demand that Sean had was to have a candid wedding photography. The entire photography session turned up to be a fantastic one.

The couple invested a good amount of money on the arrangements such as the venue, the decoration, the preparations, and others. Hence, having a proper wedding photography was a must thing for them to remember the wedding always. From the makeup get over of the bride, to the Mehendi adorned hands, or from the smiling faces of parents during the rituals to the moist eyes of Sean during Bidai, everything was captured beautifully to make memories.