As it is rightly said that love stories are made in heaven so is the story of Ashutosh and Sima, both of them unexpectedly met on their trip to Europe. Ashutosh being a successful businessman had gone there for some business work while Sima was in Europe for a vacation with her friends.

They both were living in the same hotel and suddenly met one day, on the very first day they liked each other and started talking and then meeting each other quite often while they were in Europe.

After they reached Delhi airport back from the trip, Ashutosh introduced Sima to his family, and even they liked her in the very first meet. As both the families were ready and liked each other their wedding planning began soon.

Everybody was very excited about their wedding, their families invited every relative and all their friends. All the functions of their marriage were arranged in Delhi itself, and everybody liked all the arrangements.

There were many ceremonies including the haldi, mehndi, ladies sangeet function etc along with the wedding, and all of these functions were perfectly captured by KNOTTYTALES the wedding photographer, which proofs well how good the wedding was.