Like every other Indian youngster, both Khushboo and Abhishek believed in fairy weddings and wanted a perfect marriage, but they wanted their parents to find the perfect Match for them. Arrange marriages are very common in India and both of them were very excited to meet their partner for life whom their parents have chosen for them.

Khushboo is a very beautiful, talented, and self-dependent girl which makes her a perfect choice for any Indian family and all these attributes were enough to attract both Abhishek and his parents for marriage. On the other hand, in spite of being a stranger, the sweet, humble, and respectful nature of Abhishek made Khushboo readily agree to the marriage.

After one month of this meeting, their marriage was fixed in the exact same way that they both have dreamt of. The Wedding arrangements were very beautiful, and the open Candid photography was consistently there to catch each second of every ceremony including Haldi, Mehendi, food, adornment, the feelings of the appearances, and others.

On the day of the wedding, Khushboo looked flawless in her Green Lehnga, and each eye went to her. Before long, the function began, and Khushboo turned into the spouse of Abhishek, every moment was captured perfectly by the photographer.

With all the perfect arrangements the wedding was completed and both of them along with their family were very happy about the event.