Sandeep was a researcher in the interior of Delhi, in a team lead by Bhawna. Bhawna being the leader of the team was polite and gentle to everyone and used to talk to her employees very sweetly. Bhawna and Sandeep’s interaction began due to research work and gradually they started talking often and later when their office work ended they started going out and meeting each other. With every meeting, they developed emotional contact and started enjoying each other’s company and developed mutual likings for each other also. And finally, after consulting with both of their family members, they planned for their marriage.

Their marriage ceremony took place in an elite hotel of Delhi and all the baratis danced a lot while the daughter’s family was waiting for their welcome at the entrance. And all these memories were perfectly captured by the wedding photographer, and not only this but all the other small ad big functions in the wedding were perfectly shot by the wedding photographer.

Although both Bhawna and Sandeep met each other because of official work but due to this formal meet they met their perfect life partner to spend their entire life with.