Vikas and Kanika’s parents wanted their children to get married soon and were trying to find a perfect match for them. They both were introduced to each other at their mutual friend’s wedding by their parents. After a few talks and random and fixed meets, they started liking each other and accepted the wedding proposal very soon.

As they both agreed their wedding was fixed and all the preparations for the marriage began very soon. They made all the arrangements for the guests so that they don’t have to face any difficulty.

All the functions of mehndi, Haldi, pooja, bidai, etc were carried out with a lot of joy and happiness and all this laughter was captured very beautifully through candid photography so that nothing could be missed and all these amazing moments can be relived even after the marriage by looking at the photographs. Their marriage was a very beautiful event and it ended with both of them taking blessings from all the elders for their happy married life.