Niranjan and Preeti met on a dating site. Initially, they used to chat and talk over the phone, but soon they started dating. Both were quite clear about their views of having a casual dating, but soon their concept changed when they both genuinely started liking each other.

So, one fine day, Niranjan decked himself up in his best attire, booked a table for dinner and invited Preeti. This was the day when he proposed her in his shaky and nervous tone. Preeti laughed out loud to his nervous condition and admitted that she felt the same feelings in her heart for him.

After being in a relationship for two years, finally, the couple disclosed about their relationship in the family and brought together everyone to tie the knot. It turned out to be a grand celebration with heavy costumes, lots of decorations, a huge list of food and drinks, traditional rituals mixed with modern day fun and others. What made everything even more special to feel later on was the candid wedding photography.

Niranjan had the limelight when he came up in his sherwani and sword, but soon it was snatched away from him when Preeti entered in her golden and red attire, looking stunning that night. The wedding photography had a story since the bride’s makeup till her bidai, making each moment a special one.