Both Mayank’s and Chavvi’s parents were finding a perfect match for their children and fortunately, Mayank’s and his parents both caught the eye on Chavvi at their cousin’s wedding and liked her. After the wedding of their cousin, they contacted each other’s family and liked both of them as a couple and finally decided to arrange their marriage.

Their wedding was conducted in a very grand way where the best candid photographers were called so that along with the main functions like Haldi, Sangeet, Mehndi, Bidai, Engagement, etc even the small ceremonies could be captured. They do not want to miss any moment so all the moments were captured in the wedding photography

On her wedding day, Chavvi was looking mesmerizing in her bridal lehenga and everyone praised her. At the time of her wedding, she became emotional and started crying but even this was captured so beautifully by the wedding photographers.