Jatin and Sucheta knew each other since their childhood and after completing a ten years relationship both finally decided to officially tie their knots and get married for the rest of their lives. Both of their families were very happy with their decision. The only problem was that Jatin is Punjabi and Sucheta is a Brahaimn, but they never allowed their cultures to ruin anything and by getting married to each other so smoothly they portrayed an example of eternal love.

Being in a relationship for very long, both had some wedding plans and wanted their wedding in the exact same way. They wanted the best custom photography so that each and every moment of their special day could be captured by the camera and saved as memories. Their wedding photography was very nice and the photographer captured every emotion in form of pics, just like the couple wanted.

All the arrangements of the wedding were done very perfectly that was appreciated by all the guests, all the ceremonies including, Haldi, Mehani & Bidai everything was conducted perfectly with all good arrangements. Their wedding was a successful childhood love-story wedding.