Sagar and Roop were both engaged in a research project and Roop was working as a researcher in an interior village of Kolkata. Due to some work, they both interacted for the first time, then their regular interactions began due to office and research work and gradually they both started liking the way they both were.

They gradually started talking to each other and after office, they started meeting out for lunch, dinner, parties, or just a simple walk in the park or lawn. After few months they both ended up deciding that they want to marry each other, they introduced their families and everyone readily agreed to their marriage. After the finalization of dates, they fixed their marriage in a very grand and very good hotel in Kolkata to tie knots for the rest of their life.

Their marriage took place in a very good way and all the arrangements were done very nicely. All the functions at the wedding were captured very beautifully by the candid photographers who were called. They ended their marriage functions by taking blessings from all the elders present there.