People believe that partners are decided in heaven and we happend to meet them when God thinks it’s the right time for us to decide whom to marry and spend the entire life with, and something similar happened with Ketan and Kanupriya. Both of them had a mutual friend who’s wedding they attended and in her wedding, they both encountered each other. Like many other love at first sight stories they too experienced the same and developed mutual likings for each other in the very first meeting. Gradually they ended up finalizing their own wedding.

They told their decision to their families and both readily agreed as they liked both of them and had no issues with their choice and decision. Their wedding took place on a beautiful lawn and Kanupriya wore a beautiful lehenga in which she was looking like a princess, everyone was mesmerized by her look and also praised all the arrangements made by the host family.

Their wedding was a perfect wedding and the wedding photography was enough to prove this. The custom wedding photography captured all the beautiful moments which added to the beauty of their marriage.