Alok and Rimpy got hitched by a professional matchmaker, their families were introduced by a matchmaker and after the first meet itself, they along with their families liked each other. Rimpy wanted her marriage to be very special, so in place of arranging all the functions in any banquet hall, they thought of completing her marriage in their own farmhouse, which is very beautiful.

All the functions including the Haldi ceremony, mehndi function, ring ceremony, and all other small ceremonies were done with joy and happiness in the perfect way as they all thought. All these functions were perfectly captured by the photographer, as he did not want to miss even the littlest of things so that he could collect all memories of the wedding.

They all were very excited for their wedding day and were eagerly waiting for the groom, as the groom arrived everybody bloomed with happiness. Then their marriage took place and they began their new journey to life very happily. All the snaps are proof of how wonderful their wedding was, and everyone present in the function was pleased by all the arrangements and loved and enjoyed their wedding to the fullest.