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How to Dress Up Perfectly for a Pre wedding?

It’s pre-wedding shoot season, and the excitement of capturing the pre-wedding photographs is building up. But what do you wear for a pre wedding shoot? Well, we’ve got everything you need to know about pre wedding shoots and pre-wedding outfits too.

Yes, we know how difficult it can be to choose an outfit for such shoots. After all, it will complement your partner’s outfit and at the same time look like it fits in with whatever scene has been created by the photographer [most pre weddings usually have different styles ranging from beach, mountains to city streets]. So here are some tips on how to dress up perfectly for a pre wedding.

So, first things first: What is a pre wedding shoot?

A pre-wedding shoot means that there will be a photo session before your actual wedding day where you can dress up as bride and groom and take pictures with just the two of you. This photo session helps to save those couple photographs from the actual wedding day, where usually everyone wants to click photographs with their partners. These pre-wedding pictures are a great way to get pre-wedding memories and fun on a date with your partner.

Pre wedding outfits: What do you need to wear?

As pre wedding shoots are typically done the day before the actual wedding, you must choose your pre-wedding outfits accordingly. You can take inspiration from your pre-wedding shoot locations and pick something that compliments the area. For example, you could wear a pre-wedding outfit similar to what Hollywood actors wear in movies!

So for pre-wedding photography, here’s what you need to consider:

1] Colors

Depending on where your pre wedding photography will be held, decide whether it should be bright or subtle colors to complement the background. For example, if it’s an outdoor location with brilliant green shades, go for pastel colors. If it’s a location that has a bright light, then pick neutral color pre-wedding outfits.

2] Will there be accessories?

If you or your partner will be wearing accessories for pre wedding shoots, choose something that compliments it well. If he is going to wear a necklace, she could also wear a small pendant around her neck. Also, remember that the clothes and accessories you both are going to wear should complement each other!

3] The dress code for pre wedding shoot

While pre wedding photographs can be casual, formal, or themed, it all depends on what mood you’re trying to set with your pre wedding photography. While some couples like recreating the song sung by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in the movie Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, others want a pre wedding shoot done in their pre-existing clothes.

How should you dress up then?

1] Casual pre wedding shoots outfits

This is your usual weekend attire so that it can go well with pre-wedding pictures too! So for pre-wedding photos, choose loose-fitting but many flattering clothes. For example, you could wear something like denim and a long top that will feel comfortable and that you won’t mind running around or getting yourself clicked! This could also work if the pre wedding photography is happening somewhere where it’s casually dressy.

2] Formal pre wedding shoot pre-wedding outfits

For pre-wedding pictures done during the day, you could go for black trousers with a white blouse or top that has some work on it. You can also pair them up with an off-shoulder shirt or t-shirt if you want to look more interesting! If you are wearing your hair loose, remember not to wear too much makeup as it will be visible in all lights!

3] Outfits for pre wedding shoots at night

If the pre wedding shoot is happening at night, make sure you pick clothes that suits the location. You could choose pretty little dresses which are trendy and stylish! But remember to carry a coat with you to cover up if the pre-wedding photography is happening outside! Make sure that your pre-wedding outfits are very form-fitting and age-appropriate because if it’s too short, then people might get offended, or if it’s too long, then no one will get to see what you chose. For pre-wedding photography!

4] Theme pre-wedding shoot pre wedding outfits

If your pre-wedding shoot is themed around a particular genre, then you could wear pre-wedding outfits that suit the theme! For example, if it’s about pre-wedding anxiety, pick something in white, yellow, or light pink. If they are coming in traditional bridal wear, then choose pre-wedding outfits accordingly! And if you want to dress up like Hollywood actors again for pre wedding shoots, go right ahead! Just make sure everyone is aware of what kind of pre-wedding outfit they should be wearing so that there is no confusion at all.

So since it will be an exclusive bridal photoshoot, this means you have to dress up accordingly. Some people choose pre-wedding costumes that match their wedding theme, while others prefer attire that would add a sexy touch to the pre-wedding photography. If you want pre-wedding excitement, then maybe choose something out of the box or if the place where you are shooting requires certain clothes, then follow that rule too. 

There’s always room for creativity but make sure it doesn’t look tacky in the pictures.


If you want pre wedding excited and both of you will be dressed up differently for this pre-wedding shoot, it would add an element of surprise and mystery because no one knows who is who till the actual wedding day, so this pre wedding photo session gives everyone a fair idea about it. 

You might get weird looks from passersby but trust me; it’s fun! (and worth giving an odd once in a while)

These pre-wedding photography, we believe, are much-needed breathers from the pre-wedding and wedding chaos and give you a chance to enjoy some intimate moments with your partner.

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